YES, we repair OTHER company's chimes.
Many retail chimes are NOT made to withstand changing weather seasons.
We will rework your chime to our standards.
Please EMAIL DeeAnn @ about your needs.
Foreign chime repair FLAT RATE $120.

For chimegarden chime & bell needs
please EMAIL answers to the following questions about your chime:

  • if all aluminum, how many pipes, what diameter are pipes & woodtop or stonetop?
  • if copper/aluminum MIX, how many pipes & what is the diameter & kind of metal of the shortest pipe?
  • are eyelets snug in pipes?
  • are the wood parts in good condition?
  • if your chime is a contraBASS (2&1/2"pipe): what is the length of the longest pipe?
  • what is the problem? If windcatcher broken, why?-- is it hitting the house? did the dog attack it?

    These answers are NECESSARY for me to send you the correct rope lengths& addt'l materials.

    Please include your ADDRESS with these answers.
    THANK YOU for taking the time to send COMPLETE ANSWERS!

repair rates

REPLACEMENT ROPE ONLY w/ instruction sheet & videos is $15. (since 2011)
If you need rope b4 your chime is 7-10yrs old, it is MOST LIKELY hanging too high! Windchimes are NOT kites! The windcatcher should hang NO HIGHER than 5' off the ground. Take a look at our AWESOME treeHOOKS to lower your chime!! You can use them off the rope or bungee already suspending your chime OR under a deck or off a bracket!

Replacement windcatchers range from $20 - $50.
Replacement stonetops are $40 - $65.
Complete rework/refresh from $60 - $120 (most likely UNnecessary until after 20yrs old)
Woodtop to Stonetop conversion is $60 - $90 (depending on which chime).
SUPER WINDY MIDDLE from $40 - $80 (most likely necessary for ND, KS, IA, any tornado/hurricane areas)