1" Al soprano B flat

1 1/2" Al alto D flat

1" Al tenor E flat

1 1/2" Al cathedral BASS D flat

2 1/2" contraBASS B flat

do you have one of these chimes??
In 25 years, chimegarden has grown from all woodtop, all aluminum chimes to a mix of woodtop & stonetop, aluminum & copper chimes. Many customers add a different chime to their collection every year or every other year SO this keeps us growing new chimes. These are chimes we've made in past years & MAY OR MAY NOT be in current production BUT are available via special order. These chimes are available with redwood OR stonetop EXCEPT the contraBASS (stonetop ONLY & $50 shipping.) CHECK OUT VIDEOS!! & use back arrow from video to return HERE
$20 SHIPPING on all other chimes shown here.THESE CHIMES ARE AVAILABLE from JUNE thru NOVEMBER.